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Elections Explained: Labor Union Endorsements

Candidate Endorsements: how do they really work?

The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO is the umbrella organization for over 600 labor unions in the state. In May, they held their Committee on Political Education (COPE) Endorsing Convention, where candidates from both parties came to talk to union delegates in hopes of earning the endorsement of the WSLC. After watching this 5 minute video, you will understand the role that the unions can play in an election. 

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Throughout the Election Season, candidates will share with voters who has endorsed their campaign. But how do candidates get those precious endorsements? How do endorsements benefit the candidate? What do endorsements mean to the voter? Teach with TVW is here to explain it all in our Elections Explained series. Throughout this Election Season, we will produce and share videos that break down all the intricacies and nuances of how elections really work in Washington State.