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House Finance Committee

Executive Session: HB 1333 – Providing an extension to the local sales and use tax for public facilities in rural counties. HB 1512 – Concerning lodging-related assessments under chapter 35.87A RCW. HB 1521 – Supporting warehousing and manufacturing job centers. HB 1503 – Establishing an alternative fuel vehicle retail sales and use tax exemption for lower-income individuals. SHB 1033 – Concerning the Washington customized employment training program. HB 1495 – Providing that qualified dealer cash incentives paid to auto dealers are bona fide discounts for purposes of the business and occupation tax. HB 1410 – Protecting taxpayers from home foreclosure. HB 1380 – Restoring the business and occupation and public utility tax exemption for custom farming and hauling farm products. SHB 1157 – Increasing housing supply through the growth management act and housing density tax incentives for local governments. HB 1330 – Providing a retail sales and use tax exemption for the purchase of electric bicycles and related cycling equipment.