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House Transportation Committee

Public Hearing: 2SSB 5406 – Providing compensation for tow truck operators for keeping the public roadways clear; SB 5687 – Addressing certain traffic safety improvements; ESSB 5815 – Implementing an identicard program to provide individuals a Washington state-issued identicard; ESSB 5853 – Establishing a limited project regarding leasing certain department of transportation property in order to remedy past impacts to historically marginalized populations.  

Possible Executive Session: HB 1990 – Concerning a sales and use tax deferral for projects to improve the state route number 167 and Interstate 405 corridor; SB 5510 – Concerning renewal of the sales and use tax for transportation benefit districts; SSB 5741 – Creating Patches pal special license plates; SB 5898 – Concerning the use of vehicle-related fees to fulfill certain state general obligation bonds.