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Introducing Mike Hoover: Your Soon to Be Favorite Parliamentarian

Civics 101 in 120 Seconds (ish) – Introducing Mike Hoover: Your Soon-to-Be Favorite Parliamentarian (1 min)

Civics 101 in 120 Seconds (ish) is your straightforward guide through the often confounding legislative process.


Hello, I am Parliamentarian Mike Hoover and I will explain the Legislative Process.

I’ve been a Parliamentarian for most of 3 decades – Somebody has got to do it.

I’ve done it for the Senate, the House, King County Council, even my Cub Scouts Troop.

A Parliamentarian is just a fancy word for someone who works in parliamentary procedure and that is just a fancy word for legislative process.

One thing I warn students is that the legislative process can seem overwhelming – don’t be overwhelmed, it’s easy

There’s a lot of steps but you just need to focus on where it is now and where it goes next.

Don’t need to know everything, just the key steps and we’re going to go through those in detail.

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