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Legislative Review — February 27

Legislative Review features highlights from Monday’s legislative activity (2/27/23).

The House passes a bill to make illegal the practice of “doxing”: posting a person’s personal info online with harmful intent. Another bill approved by the House would make bonuses totalling up to $10,000 available to State Patrol recruits. The Patrol, along with local police agencies, has seen a dramatic drop in applicants in recent years. 

In the Senate, a bill that would allow construction of more “ADUs”, or accessory dwelling units, was approved on a vote of 42-6, and now heads to the House. Also, the Senate heard impassioned debate on a bill to make changes to the state’s Death With Dignity Act, which was approved by voters more than a decade ago. Supporters say the bill reduces barriers for persons who need to access end-of-life care, detractors say it removes protections for vulnerable persons.