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Senate Housing & Local Government Committee

Public Hearing: HB 2010 – Eliminating unnecessary homeless funding budget and auditing requirements; ESHB 1660 – Concerning accessory dwelling units.

Executive Session: HB 1769 – Concerning community municipal corporations; HB 2097 – Changing the definition of first-time home buyer; E2SHB 1241 – Planning under the growth management act; SHB 1593 – Expanding the landlord mitigation program to alleviate the financial burden on victims attempting to flee domestic violence, sexual assault, unlawful harassment, or stalking; ESHB 1643 – Exempting a sale or transfer of real property for affordable housing to a nonprofit entity, housing authority, public corporation, county, or municipal corporation from the real estate excise tax; HB 2098 – Modifying the interest rate for the low-income home rehabilitation revolving loan program; SHB 1717 – Concerning tribal participation in planning under the growth management act; SHB 1724 – Ensuring oversight and coordination of permanent supportive housing resources to maximize the creation of high quality housing opportunities for people living with disabling conditions in communities across Washington; ESHB 2064 – Concerning security deposits and damages arising out of residential tenancies.