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Senate Ways & Means Committee

Public Hearing: SB 5357 – Establishing and making appropriations for the capital broadband investment acceleration program. (Remote testimony.) SB 5175 – Concerning the authority of the community economic revitalization board. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5211 – Authorizing tax increment financing for local governments. (Remote testimony.) SB 5031 – Concerning a community aviation revitalization loan program. (Remote testimony.); Executive Session: SSB 5128 – Concerning student transportation funding during a local, state, or national emergency. SB 5133 – Concerning the definition of confidential employee for the purposes of state collective bargaining. SB 5296 – Modifying the definition of index for the Washington state patrol retirement system. SB 5322 – Prohibiting dual enrollment between school employees’ benefits board and public employees’ benefits board programs. SSB 5066 – Concerning a peace officer’s duty to intervene. SSB 5074 – Establishing and expanding safe station pilot programs. SB 5004 – Providing a tax exemption for medical marijuana patients. SB 5251 – Modifying tax and revenue laws in a manner that is not estimated to affect state or local tax collections, by easing compliance burdens for taxpayers, clarifying ambiguities, making technical corrections, and providing administrative efficiencies.