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Senate Ways & Means Committee

Public Hearing: SSB 5119 – Concerning individuals in custody. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5052 – Concerning the creation of health equity zones. (Remote testimony.) SB 5068 – Improving maternal health outcomes by extending coverage during the postpartum period. (Remote testimony.); Executive Session: SB 5326 – Concerning health and pension benefits for school bus drivers employed by private nongovernmental entities. SSB 5051 – Concerning state oversight and accountability of peace officers and corrections officers. SSB 5118 – Supporting successful reentry. SSB 5062 – Concerning the management, oversight, and use of data. SB 5082 – Reestablishing the productivity board. SB 5019 – Concerning the recording standards commission. SB 5352 – Allowing new government employees the option of opting out of retirement system membership if the employee is age sixty or older when first hired, or when the employee’s employer opts into retirement plan participation. SB 5367 – Directing the department of retirement systems to create rules regarding automatic refunds of retirement contributions in the retirement systems listed in RCW 41.50.030. SSB 5045 – Expanding opportunities for meat and poultry processing and inspection. SB 5158 – Concerning the utility wildland fire prevention advisory committee. SB 5063 – Concerning the expiration date of the invasive species council. SB 5054 – Concerning impaired driving. SSB 5315 – Concerning captive insurance. SSB 5294 – Concerning the creation of statewide epidemic preparedness and response guidelines for long-term care facilities.