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Senate Ways & Means Committee

Work Session: Housing: rapid acquisition. Public Hearing: SGA 9289 – Claire Hesselholt, Member, Board of Tax Appeals; SB 5539 – Concerning state funding for educational service districts; SB 5562 – Concerning health care for nonrepresented employees of educational service districts; SB 5566 – Expanding eligibility for the independent youth housing program; SSB 5033 – Limiting the property tax exemption for improvements to single-family dwellings to the construction of accessory dwelling units. Executive Session: SB 5652 – Concerning law enforcement officers’ and firefighters’ retirement system benefits; SB 5530 – Concerning the building for the arts program; SSB 5380 – Concerning the approval of building permits; SSB 5411 – Establishing a programmatic safe harbor agreement on forestlands for northern spotted owls; SB 5800 – Modifying tax and revenue laws in a manner that is estimated to not affect state or local tax collections by easing compliance burdens for taxpayers, clarifying ambiguities, making technical corrections, and providing administrative efficiencies; SB 5505 – Reinstating a property tax exemption for property owned by certain nonprofit organizations where a portion of the property is used for the purpose of a farmers market.