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Washington State Building Code Council

The Washington State Building Code Council (SBCC) convenes for a hybrid meeting in Olympia.


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Review and Approve Minutes: September 15 and October 9
  • Public Comment on Items Not on the Agenda
  • Local Amendments – Grant County Pre-Proposal Amendment: Adoption of IRC Appendix V (Fire Sprinklers)
  • Discuss Potential Changes to the SBCC Bylaws, Policies and Procedures: Determine the most appropriate time period for code adoption and amendments to the adopted codes; Pros and cons for combining TAGs and limiting the number of TAG members; Pros and cons for Group 1/Group 2 adoption; Importance of BFP and MVE committees; WA custom codes vs. insert pages; Adoption by reference vs. adoption of technical provisions in WAC 51; Approve the preliminary schedule for the 2024 code adoption cycle; Provisions for Family Home Childcare in IRC, IBC, and IFC: TAG Approved Draft for Consideration to move to CR-102 and public comment period; Request for new emergency rule • Ken Brouillette – 2018 IFC, Chapters 12 and 80; Discuss public concerns with the 2021 WUI Code; Energy Code Amendments – Staff Report
  • Other Business
  • Staff Report: SBCC Budget; Public Record Requests; Training Opportunities for Council Members
  • Adjourn