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Washington State Invasive Species Council

The Washington State Invasive Species Council convenes for a meeting.


  • Welcome and Call to Order
  • Council Staff Report
  • Recognition of New Members & Introductions
  • European Green Crab Communications Update
  • Prioritization Assessment Tool Revision Update
  • Break
  • Celebrating 50 Years: Washington’s Spongy Moth Program
  • Don’t Pack a Pest! Campaign
  • Volunteer Award Update & Discussion
  • 2024 Invasive Species Awareness Week Summary and Ideas for 2025 (Discussion)
  • Lunch
  • Next Phase of Urban Forest Pest Readiness
  • Water Stargrass: The Unusual Case of an Invasive Native Species
  • Break
  • 2024 Member Agency Updates and Look Ahead
  • Future Meeting Planning Roundtable Discussion
  • General Public Comment
  • Adjourn