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“The Impact” – November 16, 2016

Mike McClanahan profile by Mike McClanahan

Click here to watch “The Impact” 11/16/2016.“The Impact” Nov. 16, 2016This week on “The Impact” state leaders relay what they’re hearing and share what they’re planning in response to a momentous state Supreme Court ruling on water rights.
“We heard during the work sessions about this decision, ‘terrible decision’, ‘horrible decision’, ‘aimed at rural areas by people who don’t live in rural areas’, and it was pretty eye-opening to me,” said Sen. Judy Warnick, R-Moses Lake. “It’s a restriction that will allow, that will force our counties to lose property tax, sales tax, and other forms of income that a lot of our rural counties can’t afford right now.”

Then we look at an emotional tribute to the esteemed senator who lost a battle with cancer, Andy Hill.
Senate ceremony for the late Sen. Andy Hill (R)-Redmond

Sen. Andy Hill, R-45
Sen. Andy Hill, R-45

“He was in this chamber because he cared and that means a lot because he was one of the good ones and our state has lost one of the good ones,” Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island.

We’ll also update the controversial case of a shop owner who refused to sell flowers for a same-sex wedding as it heads to the State Supreme Court.
Arlene's Flowers case
“Contrary to the lower court’s broad ruling there are times when public accommodation laws cannot suppress constitutional rights,” said Kristen Kellie Waggoner, Counsel for Arlene’s Flowers and B. Stutzman.
“A corporation under the laws of our state should not be held to have the same religious rights under our constitution as a person would. The words of the constitution suggest that it’s meant to protect individuals or people,” said Michael Scott, Counsel for Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed.

Then we bring you the latest on the state’s plan to fund education in light of the McCleary decision.
Education Funding Task Force interview
What are the odds of a capital gains tax being brought up in a serious manner this year?
“Boy… I think there’s a serious conversation around all sorts of these revenue sources,” said Matt Steuerwalt, Education Funding Task Force/Executive Director of Policy, Office of the Governor.

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