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“The Impact” – November 23, 2016

Mike McClanahan profile by Mike McClanahan

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On “The Impact” Nov. 23, 2016:
Should the U.S. push for testing of a reported lung cancer vaccine from Cuba?
That’s one of several questions state leaders are mulling after a medical fact-finding mission from Washington State to the socialist republic island.

 Lt. Gov. Brad Owen and Sen. Karen Keiser discuss a trip to Cuba the set of The Impact.JPG
Lt. Gov. Brad Owen and Sen. Karen Keiser discuss a trip to Cuba the set of The Impact.JPG

Another question sparking debate is whether medical schools in the U.S. should consider dropping college degree requirements for admission.
Lt. Gov. Brad Owen, who led the medical delegation, says college isn’t required for medical school in Cuba, and he thinks it could be a way to reduce student debt and boost the ranks of primary care doctors in America.
“I think that’s one thing that we definitely have to put on the table,” said Lt. Gov. Brad Owen, D.
Lt. Governor Owen, State Senator Karen Keiser detail what they saw in Cuba and why they might recommend changes to the health care system in Washington State.

Another segment this week highlights Senate committee work sessions on various topics including: a security audit of Western State Hospital; opioid related overdose deaths; and fiscal projections for 2017.
You’ll hear the controversy over a proposed bill to create a new crime called “economic terrorism” to apply to protests which damage property, block transportation, or cause economic disruption.
On top of that you’ll learn how to weigh in on the debate over whether to change the protected status of three sea turtle species.
Green sea turtle with Photo courtesy crediting Mark Sullivan, NOAA

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