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“The Impact” – November 30, 2016

Mike McClanahan profile by Mike McClanahan

Click here to watch “The Impact” 11/30/2016.This week on “The Impact”:
Around 90% of people who are currently incarcerated in Washington State will return to the public, but 50% will ultimately be incarcerated again, according to the state. This week we look at the work of the Statewide Reentry Council and its plan to help people avoid returning to prison after release.
Durell Green is a former prisoner who now mentors at-risk youth and sits on the Statewide Reentry Council.
“The system is set up to where you kind of never get out of it,” said Durell Green, Statewide Reentry Task Force.
Green joins State Rep. Eric Pettigrew, who sponsored the enacting legislation, to discuss the related issues.
“The need is absolutely huge,” said Pettigrew.
Durell Green and Rep. Eric Pettigrew on-set
In other news, a task force has recommended changing the statute that spells out when a police officer can be charged for using lethal force. A Seattle Seahawk who is the son of a retired police officer is weighing in on the debate.
Doug Baldwin
“Washington is the only state that has that necessity for proof of malice,” said Doug Baldwin, Wide Receiver, Seattle Seahawks.
“In the interest of fortifying that trust, it’s urgent and necessary to change the law,” said
Toshiko Hasegawa , WA State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs.
“We can’t wrap our heads around it and support that until we better understand it,” said Travis Adams, Washington State Fraternal Order of Police.
Travis Adams Fraternal Order of Police
“The idea that to make it easier to put somebody in prison just so we can you know maybe get some communities together I think is wrong,” said Kerry Zieger, Council of Metropolitan Police and Sheriffs.

Next we look at the future of autonomous vehicles in Washington State. As state lawmakers grapple with how to regulate self-driving cars, a tech company shares its vision of the future for autonomous vehicles.

“Autonomous vehicles, or AV’s, are coming. We’re seeing advances every single day,” said Bob Pishue, INRIX. “If the safety concerns aren’t addressed, autonomous vehicles won’t go anywhere.”

Autonomous Vehicles Montage
Autonomous Vehicles Montage
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