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“The Impact” – Legislative balance of power may hinge on Special Election

Mike McClanahan profile by Mike McClanahan

This week on “The Impact”:

A handful of one-year-unexpired terms in the Washington House & Senate are up for grabs in a special election this year. Regardless of who wins the August primary and November election, the outcome will have statewide significance.

It could radically reshape the balance of power in Olympia or maintain the current dynamic. No matter the outcome it won’t affect the majority control in the House for next year, but it will determine the balance of power in the Senate which is held by the republican led Majority Coalition Caucus by a razor thin margin.

Of all the races in play none is getting as much attention as the one in the 45th district to fill the seat formerly held by the late republican senator Andy Hill, who passed away last fall following a battle with cancer.  Sen. Dino Rossi (R),  who was appointed to fill the seat until a special election,  isn’t running  to serve out the final year of Hill’s term. That means out of five senate seats in play, the 45th district race is the only one with no incumbent. It’s also considered a swing district and the race is widely expected to be the most competitive.

There were five candidates in the running, but republican Ken Smith & democrat Ian Stratton dropped out of the race leaving three candidates battling over the spot: Jinyoung Englund (R); Manka Dhingra (D); and Parker Harris (I).

You’ll hear from all three of them in this episode and learn more about their backgrounds and their key platform issues.

Later pollster Alison Peters and political consultant Todd Myers offer political analysis and background relating to the election and in particular, the 45th Legislative District.

“That is the race this year that everybody is focused on.”- Alison Peters.


  “The money’s going to be there. It’s going to be the most expensive race in state history I don’t think there’s any question.”- Todd Myers.


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