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“The Impact” – Sept. 20th, 2017: Planning for a Megaquake; WSDA Consumer Protection

Mike McClanahan profile by Mike McClanahan

This week on “The Impact”:

In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Mexico City we sit down with the lead domestic operations planner for the Washington National Guard to find out how Washington is planning for a catastrophic megaquake.

“A tsunami will occur in Puget Sound and it will affect the areas around Puget Sound,” said Lt. Col. Clay Braun, Deputy J3 Operations, Washington National Guard.

Later in the show meet the manager of the WSDA program tasked with making sure you get what you pay for at all sorts of places including gas pumps, grocery stores, and even the luggage scales at the airport.

 “Our mission at weights and measures is to promote equity that means that consumers are protected and businesses are protected. That they play, everybody plays by the same set of rules,” said Jerry Buendel, WSDA Weights & Measures Program.

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