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“The Impact”: 70% Credential Campaign, Reconsidering Bail & Court Costs

Mike McClanahan profile by Mike McClanahan

This week on “The Impact”:

A business backed group is pushing an aggressive plan to match students with jobs by drastically increasing enrollment in higher education.

“Half our population is under performing significantly,” said Brian Jeffries, Policy Director at Washington Roundtable/Partnership for Learning. “The one thing that we want to make sure we are doing at minimum is raising the alarm on that issue.”

Later we sit down for a one on one interview with Washington State Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu to discuss new efforts to change the way judges think about bail and court costs.

 “We think it’s important that victims be made whole,  but really take a look at whether or not individuals who come through the system, should they be the people who bear the burden of paying for the court system, the entire court system,” said Justice Mary Yu, Washington State Supreme Court.

You’ll also hear about the race to save pieces Aberdeen’s history after a devastating museum fire.

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