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“The Impact”: 20th Anniversary of the WTO riots (Pt.1)

Mike McClanahan profile by Mike McClanahan

“The Impact “:


Part one of two episodes focused on the twentieth anniversary of the massive WTO protests that rocked Seattle. We look back on what it was happening on the ground in the city and where the trade issues behind the protests stand today.

“I remember so many little vignettes. I think the euphoria the pride that Seattle had the few days going into that conference and then suddenly the contrast of the mayhem and the civil disobedience and the violence that occurred that occurred on the day of the WTO,” said former governor Gary Locke. “I remember actually Madeleine Albright calling me up just as I was alerted to what was going on saying ‘hey I’m a prisoner in my hotel room. I’m supposed to be across the street opening up the WTO. What kind of a blankety- blank city do you have here?’”

“There were just so many different moments from that, but it’s also very understandable about people’s concern about trade,” said Locke. “Unfortunately I think the protests overshadowed all of that and put a black mark on Seattle.”

Click here to watch “The Impact” – December 4th, 2019


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