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“The Impact”: 20th Anniversary of the WTO riots (Pt.2)

Mike McClanahan profile by Mike McClanahan

“The Impact”:


Part two of our look back at the WTO protests 20 years later. A veteran labor organizer and a free trade advocate weigh in on the trade tensions that led to the riots and where those issues stand today.

 “The whole idea of a protest is to not follow their rules,” Stan Sorscher, retired labor organizer for SPEEA. “Part of the message of the protest was you’re not taking us seriously. We’re not at the table we’re on the menu.”

“I think people might not have known what the WTO was and now they do,” said Hillary Haden, Executive Director, Washington Fair Trade Coalition.

We also explore the current political crossroads where trade issues cross party lines.

 “A lot of our priorities sound like what Donald Trump says, but for entirely different reasons.  We for example, we actually think that tariffs are a totally legitimate tool to use in trade policy,” said Haden.

Click here to watch – “The Impact” December 11th, 2019


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