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The Impact – Senate Leaders Review 2022 Legislative Session

Mike McClanahan profile by Mike McClanahan

The Impact This week we continue our 2022 Legislative Session review series with a panel of Senate leaders. Here’s a sample of the discussion with Democratic Deputy Majority Leader Rebecca Saldaña and Republican Floor Leader Shelly Short. 

Sen. Rebecca Saldaña (D-Rainier Beach)  

“Well, the key takeaway for me was that we need to make sure that as we’re coming out of two years of a pandemic, that we are moving forward, moving ahead together as Washingtonians for a recovery that is going to be cleaner, greener, more just, more inclusive, and making sure that those who have been farthest from opportunities are part of that future recovery. And so it was about building on last year’s investments around climate policy to be what grounds us in a transportation investment package over the next 16 years in Move Ahead Washington. It was about making sure that reforms that we did to remove barriers for health care and make sure that the public, all public, felt safe and was adjusting around police reform, and making sure that we were addressing critical access and investments in health care and in affordable housing and making sure that we do that together.”

Sen. Rebecca Saldaña on The Impact – March 23rd, 2022

Sen. Shelly Short (R-Addy)  

 “Just, you know, a session of missed opportunities and misplaced priorities. We looked at the issues in our caucus from trust and issues of affordability and public safety. And while there was some reform in public safety, I mean, certainly there were bills that, that were very germane to that topic that did not go far enough. And look, the bills we had did not undermine the the anti-police bills that were passed last session, but we have heard clearly from law enforcement officers, from members of the community, and we’re seeing it through statistics know the rising crime rates, the rise in car thefts, just the felony crimes that are taking place all across the state of Washington. It’s very clear that we need to do more, and I was disappointed in that. From a trust issue, it’s not just restoring few people’s trust in government, it’s making sure that government trusts the people and I think that was sorely lacking with the lack of emergency powers reform. And I think thirdly we made it more expensive. Look, we support the transportation projects that are proposed. Transportation is a huge piece for Washington state and to move and to transport goods and services, but how it was paid for, it could have been done in a way that did not add costs to working families.”

Sen. Shelly Short on The Impact – March 23rd, 2022

Watch the full interview here . . . or listen to it here:

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