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Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks Committee

Executive Session: SB 5145 – Concerning the prevention of seabed mining of hard minerals. SB 5300 – Prohibiting the feeding of garbage to swine. SB 5230 – Concerning agreements for allocation of groundwater resulting from bureau of reclamation project operations. SB 5306 – Concerning local salmon habitat recovery planning in critical areas. SB 5330 – Regarding commercial whale watching licenses. SB 5146 – Authorizing the fish and wildlife commission to indemnify the federal government as a condition of securing certain funds. SB 5362 – Ensuring the funding of agricultural fairs. SB 5404 – Addressing the impacts of pinnipeds on populations of threatened southern resident orca prey. SB 5411 – Establishing a programmatic safe harbor agreement on forestlands for northern spotted owls. SB 5421 – Creating a salmon fisheries dispute resolution process.