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Senate Business, Financial Services & Trade Committee

Public Hearing: SHB 1064 – Requiring the disclosure of high-speed internet access availability in the seller’s disclosure statement. (Remote testimony.) HB 1165 – Concerning the Washington credit union act. (Remote testimony.) 2SHB 1173 – Concerning state lands development authorities. (Remote testimony.) HB 1104 – Extending the operation of the mortgage lending fraud prosecution account until June 30, 2027. (Remote testimony.) Executive Session: SHB 1279 – Modifying the Washington main street program tax incentive to respond to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. SHB 1037 – Concerning insurance adjusters. EHB 1049 – Concerning the off-site delivery of a vehicle by a vehicle dealer licensed under chapter 46.70 RCW. ESHB 1108 – Maintaining funding and assistance for homeowners navigating the foreclosure process. ESHB 1521 – Supporting warehousing and manufacturing job centers.