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Senate Law & Justice Committee

Executive Session: SB 5127 – Concerning courthouse facility dogs. SB 5191 – Regulating unfair business practices and prohibiting predatory price increases during states of emergency. SB 5148 – Concerning the harassment of election officials. SB 5293 – Addressing mental health sentencing alternatives. SB 5271 – Amending the necessary elements of proof of injury during the state of emergency declared due to the COVID-19 pandemic. SB 5225 – Concerning direct appeals to the court of appeals of cases brought under the administrative procedure act and the land use petition act. SB 5255 – Concerning language understanding of documents used in dissolution proceedings. SB 5353 – Creating a partnership model that facilitates community engagement with law enforcement;  Public Hearing: SB 5361 – Concerning the resentencing of persons convicted of drug offenses. (Remote testimony.) SB 5408 – Concerning the homestead exemption. (Remote testimony.)