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Senate Ways & Means Committee

Public Hearing: 2SHB 1325 – Implementing policies related to children and youth behavioral health. (Remote testimony.) E2SHB 1086 – Creating the state office of behavioral health consumer advocacy. (Remote testimony.) E2SHB 1139 – Taking action to address lead in drinking water. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1508 – Concerning the sanitary control of shellfish. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1279 – Modifying the Washington main street program tax incentive to respond to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Remote testimony.) 2SHB 1033 – Concerning the Washington customized employment training program. (Remote testimony.) HB 1119 – Notifying students of courses with low-cost instructional materials and open educational resources at the four-year institutions of higher education. (Remote testimony.) E2SHB 1194 – Strengthening parent-child visitation during child welfare proceedings. (Remote testimony.) 2SHB 1061 – Concerning youth eligible for developmental disability services who are expected to exit the child welfare system. (Remote testimony.) HB 1167 – Concerning Thurston county superior court judges. (Remote testimony.) E2SHB 1382 – Streamlining the environmental permitting process for salmon recovery projects. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1223 – Enacting the uniform electronic recordation of custodial interrogations act. (Remote testimony.) (If measure is referred to committee.); Executive Session: E3SHB 1091 – Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuel.

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