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What is the Law?

Civics 101 in 120 Seconds (ish) – What is the Law? (2 min)

Civics 101 in 120 Seconds (ish) is your straightforward guide through the often confounding legislative process.


Most people think of criminal law, but the criminal code is a small portion of the law

The rest are rules and regulations, such as:

Rules on how to process wheat

Curriculum in schools

The content of gasoline at the pump

Collectively all of the laws together are referred to as the Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

The way to change the law in the RCW is with a bill. Which is a “wanna -be law”

Bills start as a good idea that has been introduced by a legislator

It is written like a law

It is a suggestion to be added into the RCW that must be voted on by the Legislature

Keep in mind, many more bills are introduced than become law

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