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McMicken Island Marine State Park

McMicken Island is so small, you could easily miss it. But boaters who love Puget Sound would not want to miss it. This small state park, in the fold of Harstine Island, is only reachable by boat. Low tide allows you to walk across a tombolo to and from Harstine Island for a few hours each day.

Moor in the island’s cove, check out the tombolo and take the 1-mile hiking trail through the woods. Drop your crab pots, bust out your rod and reel, or get a shellfish license and pluck delicious clams and oysters in season. You may have to share that bounty with a resident eagle, but, hey, a visitor could do worse for a fishing companion (or competitor).

Overnighters, tie your boats to one of five mooring buoys; wake up early, brew your morning beverage and watch a spectacular sunrise. You’ll be glad you didn’t pass this little gem by.